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  • I have bought the personal edition of Scirra. I have my file with the hash and the redeem/licence code etc.

    But what do I do to get the actual program of Scirra?

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  • I think you have to put the Licence in your documents,Thats all i did for it to work.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S no question is dumb,I had the same issue when i first bought the program.

  • Yes. Thanks for the response. But this is what I have right now:

    • free scirra edition.
    • the file with the licence code hash etc from having bought the redeem code.

    So I haven't got an actual personal scirra edition to be able to work withj my hash. The free edition doesn't seem to upgrade. So it doesn't seem to work that wa

  • Hi linuxblue,

    You can download C2 (to install on your system) by going to the C2 home page (click here), and selecting the download tab. Alternatively you can scroll down to the bottom of any page, where you'll find a download option, which provides links to the latest stable and beta releases.

    And as RookieDev mentioned, don't forget to add your license doc to your documents folder.

    Edit: once you put the license file in your documents folder, your copy of the software is automatically recognised as a full copy!

    Hope that helps.

  • OK. That did it! Now it automatically says in the program that it is licenced to me and so on as a personal edition.

    Good! Thanks for the help.

    I am a graphics designer who is looking to move away from Adobe Creative Cloud which I want nothing to do with. Hence I am looking at programs other than flash for games, art and so on. Not that I found much use for flash anyway lol.

  • Alternatively use the 'Load license file' link in the About dialog.

  • I heard about Scirra about a week ago. I am on a lot of graphics design forums and we often have threads about "alternatives to Adobe stuff..." and someone mentioned this as being better than flash for games :)

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