I just realised what I miss the most in C2

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  • In Construct Classic there was this great functionality that is missing from C2 which for I would be grateful to the end of my days.

    Remember "On loop" ? - You could assign a loop named "create cloud" and run it 100 times on start of layout and 10 times every 5 seconds. It acted like a function but without arguments and is currently impossible to implement without 3rd party plugins.

    If it's not much of a hussle pretty please add this functionality to C2 I run a "beg you" loop 100 times.


  • You can easily create such a loop with events.

    + SomeVariable is "Loop"

    + Every 5 seconds

    Do stuff

    And then you can stop the loop after 100 times. Many ways to do this.

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  • The pattern of using 'start loop' and 'on loop' is extraordinarily inefficient. It is maybe 10 times slower than using a 'repeat N times' or 'for' system condition. This is why the 'start loop'/'on loop' pattern was completely removed in C2 - it's always better to use a looping system condition in a subevent, and it achieves the same thing.

  • thanks Mipey , this is great idea and should be working - would never think of it this way

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