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  • I've seen a little on this topic but everyone seems to be under the impression that a 3-D game like Doom would take a whole lot of coding. But I sorta dug into this and found This Site. The code doesn't look all that complicated, and with decent textures and the use of the additional plugins for C2 could look and function far better than a Doom or Wolfenstein game.

    Unfortunately I have no experience with js plug-ins but I suspect those who do may find it useful to tinker with.

    Who knows.

  • No?

  • We're designing Construct 2 as a 2D game development tool. While some 3D features are possible, we're not aiming to add any 3D features to Construct 2.

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  • I've seen raycasting games being created on MMF2 and they look pretty good

    If they can why can't we?

    I mean :P looks simple enough. It's not even real 3D, its like and advanced Mode7. But I understand if you guys doesn't want to implement 3D into construct, but a plugin for that would be awesome

  • While raycasting is kind of cool, I don't think I've ever seen a completed game using it. It seems to be an experiment people like to play with, then they give up after a while... unless I'm wrong and there are some popular raycasting games out there I don't know about? :P

  • Well we can make Mode7 type racing game if there's raycasting. That's pretty cool

  • I've heard that the boys over at google ported Quake 2 to HTML5. I've only seen videos of it though.

  • As far as I know quake 2 html5 still using webGL. So the user will still need a plugin on their browser. CMIIW

  • WebGL is part of the HTML5 standard and does not use any browser plugins. However, IE doesn't support it.

  • I agree that adding a feature like this, plug-in or official, would be extremely awesome. There's a small part of my 2D game I wanted to do using a similar technique back when I was still working with CC, but C2 doesn't have that quite yet. <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I know for me, I have quite a few ideas on the use of raycasting beyond simple creating a wolfenstein or doom clone. Raycasting can be done through events, though it is definitely much slower than it really should be. While I can understand the hesitation to take the time to create a plugin for what could be considered a niche feature, at the same time, I can see it also getting a lot of use as well. But I'm not the one to code it, so I can't say one way or the other how complicated it would be to create or time-consuming.

  • Someone is working on it ... Hope it gets soon , Seems Awesome !

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