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  • Greetings,

    I want to make a game that requires random level generation, something similar to terraria. My question would be, just how much can Construct 2 handle? By that i mean there is still a limited amount of blocks that can be spawned in order to maintain good fps. I saw some post with random terrain generation (not sure is it Construct Classic or construct 2) and at 7200 blocks i had 45-52 fps. The map seemed too small for me, it was roughly 20 times smaller then the smallest generated map available in terraria. Is this pretty much the limit of Construct2 or some heavy optimization can be performed to achieve a lot bigger world while maintaining good, enjoyable fps while still having room for effects and such.

  • You have to figure how much the target hardware can handle memory wise.

    Once you have an approximation you use layouts to manage that memory.

  • Could you further explain me your answer? I am mainly targeting average PC's (maby a bit above average), what i want to know is if I can create a big world or is Construct2 with it's HTML (or javascript im not sure) or is Construct2 not suited for these type of games.

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  • I would suggest making a layout and adding to it gradually. When it gets too big make a new layout.

    Remember the main optimisation you have is assets are loaded per layout.

    You can look at it in different ways, each layout can be its own medium sized world, or part of one big one that you keep track of using a save file.

  • I'm thinking about collision checks as well. Are these blocks set with collisions enabled? Maybe it would be good to disable collisions if they're off screen, or a certain distance away from the player. The same would go for NPCs etc..

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