Random crashes on Internet Explorer 9 only.

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  • Hi ,

    I have my game up for QA. But I keep getting failed since the game freezes after clicking >play>continue as said by them in IE9 only.I am not able to recreate this on my side.Any idea where to look or random thoughts? But it works well in chrome/mozilla and other browsers expect IE9. PLease let me know,since I tried in multiple systems with IE9 installed and even hosted from our own server and didn't find any,could it be something on their side,I am not sure.

    Here is the link to the game hosted by them,

    http://files.cdn.spilcloud.com/df9aa479 ... index.html

    Once its loaded ,press the play button and proceed to next screen and click "Continue",and this is where the mentioned crash happens.

  • Well if your own testing doesn't show up any problems, it sounds like something on their side only.

    FWIW, IE9 only has <1% global market share these days - a lot of people could justify dropping it entirely by now.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Ya,but unfortunately IE9 is much needed now for me here,"client request" ,so I had no option in that.I just got back from our old report and found it crashed twice so far at same place and we haven't been able to recreate it since then.Tried all combinations and found none so far.

    So if there is crash,can you let me know where to look at or from where it may arise ,in IE9.

    If no crash happens at "Continue",the following is console info,


    LOG: logo image successfully loaded!

    LOG: {""c2array"":true,""size"":[2,38,1],""data"":[[[33],[39],[40],[42],[59],[64],[65],[68],[70],[72],[73],[74],[77],[81],[83],[85],[86],[87],[88],[89],[91],[92],[93],[94],[97],[99],[100],[101],[103],[105],[107],[110],[114],[117],[122],[127],[137],[146]],[[""¡!""],[""l""],[""I""],[""i""],[""t""],[""f""],[""r""],[""c""],[""E""],[""J""],[""s""],[""с""],[""т""],[""äа""],[""ь""],[""énŚенчüz""],[""u""],[""Sи""],[""eк""],[""P""],[""gр""],[""dpabл""],[""о""],[""o""],[""k""],[""U""],[""Dд""],[""H""],[""П""],[""K""],[""И""],[""x""],[""ÓО""],[""G""],[""O""],[""m""],[""M""],[""w""]]]}

    But when it crashes,

    The "c2array" log doesn't show up since the entire browser crashes.So could this be the source.

    Sorry for being very vague ,not exactly sure how to explain this issue.

  • Maybe it's crashing because it's a long console log message? It looks like your own console log messages, maybe try turning them all off.

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