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  • I've been developing a game which is going to be on something like a fair.

    After 2 minutes of inactivity the game should reset to show the starting screen, which welcomes new players.

    In order to do the reset I've used the Reload action from the Browser plugin. Though it seems that on reloading the page it does not clear the memory of the previous game session. Resulting in 4GB of RAM being used.

    I also tried opening a new window/tab and closing the current window/tab but that gave other problems (security issues).

    What can I do about this?

    Due to a NDA I can't provide a capx.

  • It sounds like a problem in the browser (memory management is its work).

    Report this to the browser vendor.

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  • Which browser are you using? Is it the same across different browsers?

    Have you checked your project for memory leaks? If you do something like create an object every tick, without ever destroying them - intentionally or unintentionally - your project will consume RAM endlessly.

    You should try to reproduce the problem in a minimal new project then we can help more. This is standard procedure for possible bugs anyway since it guarantees the rest of the project is not causing the problem.

    A possible workaround if it really is a browser bug is to navigate to a different page, which then waits a second or two and redirects back again. Alternatively instead of reloading the whole page, just reset global variables and jump back to the first layout.

  • Sorry for the slow repsonse. We're now running the game in IE9 without issues. Firefox gave choppy performance.

    I'll file a report at google about this problem.

    Thanks for helping me out.

  • Yeah Firefox has been somewhat unstable. Sad to see Firefox in this state.

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