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  • hi

    first the problem with "system = go to lay out"

    I put the name of layout, but they return to the first lay out

    u can watch in scirra arcade in "catch the mouse"

    second the problem with "leaderboards "

    u compare with "catch the mouse" leaderboard its function active

    " fly piggy" leaderboard its ignorin function inactive

    third when I pass the Project to Android

    Soul deception true story this game is NEW GROUNDS

    when I export to cordova in the apk in Intel XDK or phonegap or cooconjs

    have the same problem because the audio its not working.

    frth when I using more tan two tittlemaps in one layout

    the player hav a heat and appears in the walls tittlemap and the player cant move

    this is inthe game THE FUTURE LINE coming soon

    if any hav a solution or fix it really helps!!!!

    PD. I dont like pass the capx. because some people copy the ideas or graphycs thanks for your comments (please create a spanish community)

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