[r193] Debugger, selected object shows different type

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  • edit: see next post for simpler view

    Sorry to do this in pictures, but I can't post a capx. Problem is this:

    I have a Family, Wanderers, with one object type in it, 'sprNpc' (I removed others for simplicity)

    I have 2 sprNpc instances placed in a layout at design time, one of them shown in pic with UID 676.

    In-game, I noticed it wasn't responding to events (e.g. to wander around)

    Went to the debugger, selected it via the Wanderers Family, and it shows as another object entirely, 'sprLock'!

    (sprLock isn't even in the Wanderers Family, as shown in the pic).

    That's about it, except to note that sprLock is part of a container with another object, and not placed in the layout.

    Notice sprLock has UID 676 at runtime, the same UID that the sprNpc has at design time.

    Can this possibly be something I'm doing, or is C2 getting objects confused?


    edit: doesn't even need to be in a Family, have updated title

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  • With the informations given, that sounds like some kind of bug.

    UID is supposed to be unique for each instance on purpose.

    Ashley is this something you might want to investigate or would have an explanation for ?

    If he doesn't see this notice you could possible post a bug report and provide the capx at least to Ash.

  • New post to show simpler view. sprNpc #0 is selected (trust me) and shows sprLock instead.


    Kyatric thanks, I could see if that's possible as it doesn't seem easily reproduceable in a separate capx.

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