[r182] slow editor response: is it me / normal?

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  • Update - see 4th post.

    I'm running r176 and I've recently noticed that the editor becomes slow to respond after a bit of use. This lag is particularly apparent when switching between layouts and event sheets - eventually I lose patience with the delay when opening a new tab and restart C2 - the problem then goes away for an hour or two.

    Has anyone any ideas what might cause this and what might fix it?

    Assets: 3.4 Mb

    Image Memory: 27 Mb

    Events: 400

    C2 memory use: 175 Mb

    .... So it's not using up crazy amounts of system resource.

  • I can't really attribute teh loss of performance 176. but I have noticed recently that peformance has dropped. Even on simple ES work and even moving items.

  • Yeah, I cannot say for sure when I started to notice it so it could affect the other recent betas.

    I'm suspecting that it might be something associated with the Spriter plugin. Yesterday I noticed a text object in the z order window that was being displayed with a Spriter icon. Rather disconcerting - the editor had also become laggy. Of course, it could be nothing to do with Spriter... I did a restart and everything was back to normal....

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  • Update, different project and not many assets. After working for about an hour I found the editor became very laggy so I closed it down. As it shut down it showed the "not responding" warning for at least 10 seconds before closing. On restart everything was back to normal. It feels like a memory leak...

  • Using r182 and I've had a project open for over 4 hours and haven't noticed anything unusual. Whether it's relevant still or not, but I still don't use any of the automated save features - after 15 years in IT I'm used to controlling my own saving system.

  • zenox98, thanks - that's an interesting point. I'll have a look at what is being automatically saved. I heard about the potential for some sort of infinite file size if the root folder is nominated as the auto save location, so I avoid that trap (at least I think I have) but there might be something I missed....

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