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  • Did anyone have problem with MP in r179? Please report here if you did, I need the information.

    In my latest project build it works well up until r178 and does not in r179. Small test of every expression/action I used doesn't show any similar symptom that I have with the current project.


    • 2 Clients connect to lobby (lobbyroom)
    • 2 Clients request match to lobby
    • Lobby create a duelhost (browser: New Window)
    • Lobby assign a roomname (duelroom) to both requesting peer
    • Peers leave lobbyroom
    • Peers enter duelroom

    Room transfer mechanic:

    Peers will request roomlist first before attempting a connection, if the roomname exist, only then it will request connection to lobbyhost or duelhost. If the roomname does not exist, it will wait 3 seconds before another attempt, max attempt is 5.

    Observation/symptom in lobbyhost:

    [r179]Connection is perfect.

    [r178]Connection is perfect.

    Observation/symptom in duelhost:

    [r179] Immediate disconnect after joining duelroom. (The duelhost manage to log that both peers manage to join the room but left/kicked immediately). Host failed to log any leave reason. Host remain connected to signalling server but the peers don't.

    [r178] Connection is perfect.


    No change was made in the project, this was discovered immediately after installing r179.

    Reverted to r178 atm, things are working now. Previously such issue never happen from r173 throughout all beta until r178.


    With the addition of kick peer to the plugin, is there anything that you change in the current expression/engine/anything that we should know about? Detailed changelog notes specific for MP probably useful here.

    I'm looking for a hint for what went wrong, or a possible bug, but the MP features are being used substantially in my project, there's no way to pinpoint the problem atm. I made a few minimal project in r179 to reproduce the problem, none of them reproduced the issue, and I'm still trying blindly without hint.

  • Could you post a bug report? Then I will investigate further.

  • Could you post a bug report? Then I will investigate further.

    I can post a bug report but I would have a problem in creating minimal capx and describing the problem for now, because I don't have a clue on which function/expression is the problem, I still need some hint on what changed in between r178 and r179. It's like looking for a needle in haystack.

    I'm still in the middle of recreating the mechanism, this will take a while. Weird thing is, there's no problem in lobbyhost, it's just the duelhost. Yet, having the duelhost to work flawlessly in r178 doesn't tell me anything is wrong with r179 at all.

    I have a gut feeling that "kick peer" might have something to do with it.

  • CC: Bl4ckSh33p

    You're the only person I can remember working similar MP mechanism as I am, in terms of dedicated host. Have you tried r179? Any insight would be appreciated.

  • I did not try the new build, yet. But I will post here when I could try it and got an error.

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