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  • Hello,

    I've just installed the last built (v144) and my game is completly broken.

    My hero doesn't take anymore damage; elements that should fall, don't; The positioned audiosource can't be heard.

    Does anyone encounter strange things like that ???

    I can't see in the changelog what can be related to that.

  • The "or" event broke. Ashley posted a fix somewhere on these forums...

  • Ok the "Or" block are broken.

    Ashley just put a temporary fix:


    Everything works again!!

    Now I can change my pants. ^^

  • verything works again!!

    Not everything, I'm afraid.

    Node Webkit export behaves differently. My app does not start at all with the new NodeWebkit, after export. I wonder whether somebody else experienced the same with r144?



  • you're right. Same here. Double click on the exe and nothing happens. (However the program is in memory)

  • Yep same problem, exported exe does not run at all for me. I see it in task manager but at a fraction of the normal memory usage.

    With preview mode, still having issues even after the 'OR' block fix as well (certain instance variables reading as zero for some reason when its worked fine before). Don't have time to troubleshoot more at the moment, reverting to R141 which has been most stable for me.

  • Same issue here. I've tried exporting a webkit exe and a regular html export. Neither works. The exe starts, but doesn't appear and just lies hidden within the task manager, and the html version on dropbox just opens a black page.

    Previewing still works, strangely enough.

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  • Same thing here with node webkit. Plus, blackscreen in cocoonjs (it didn't happen in r143).

  • If the project doesn't work after export, that sounds like a separate issue, I think you should post a separate report for that along with any javascript errors that occur in the console, and test with and without minification.

  • report bug

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