r110 breaking change issue

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  • "BREAKING CHANGE: Collisions between objects on different layers now take in to account each layer's parallax, scale and rotation. Previously these were not taken in to account which could make objects report overlapping when they weren't actually touching on screen; now it works as expected. However, this may change when objects count as overlapping in existing projects."

    As of r110 my level editor pushes CPU usage up to ~80% with very few tiles, making it more or less unusable. I think it's due to this new change, as deleting all of the "Is on layer" (and inverted) conditions drastically increases performance. Is there any chance this change could be made optional? or something? :\

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  • Are you sure this is due to collision testing? The new code only runs if you use an 'Is overlapping' or 'On collision' event with two objects that are on different layers with different parallax, scale or angle.

  • Sorry, *Deleting all events containing [is on layer] [is overlapping] [on collision] [is visible] or some combination of them, inverted or otherwise.

    I have a whole group dedicated to events with these conditions to check if certain spots on the grid are ok to draw to. From what I've gathered, said group and even single events such as:

    +Tile is NOT overlapping grid

    +Tile is NOT on a certain layer


    are what cause the CPU to skyrocket.

    I suppose there are things I can do differently now, like checking positions rather than collisions, but I'm not sure how much that will help or if I can do that for everything..

    Anyway, all this to say that the new change does come with some performance issues if (I guess) used improperly, and as such, might be better if it were optional.

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