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  • Some of the highlights from Construct 2 r102 which has just been released!

    My personal favorite add..

    cirra Arcade now supports switching in to fullscreen mode using the Browser object's 'Request fullscreen' action. This allows you to make Arcade games that can take up the entire monitor, but remember you must create a key or button the user must press since the action only works in a user-inputted event, and it is only supported in Firefox and Chrome.

    This has been requested quite a few times, so kudos to Ash and Tom for finally getting this in!

    A quick run through of the other adds,

    1. Windows 8 plugin
    2. New instance variables icon
    3. correctly detects touch input on Windows 8
    4. New Touch object expressions
    5. New system expressions
    6. CocoonJS (Suspending/Resuming)
    7. Browser object: 'on resized' trigger
    8. Color Noise

    Of course, a lot of major and minor bug fixes as well.

    I also spotted this bit of good (hopeful) news!

    f all goes to plan we can issue a new stable release in the next week or two

    Finally, I'm going to go test out the new features now, so before that got to add that I'm pretty stoked about how fast Scirra has gotten the engine to support Windows 8. Just in time for launch in October. Anyone going to give this new market a shot?

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  • Correct me if I�m wrong, but I think the support added was for the Windows 8 OS not the Windows Phone 8, right?

  • Oh sh*t, what am I saying.

    Thanks for pointing that out Sheepy!

  • Very interested to test the New Touch object expressions to detect swipes and the angle of motion of touches.

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