How "safe" are my assets in Construct 2 export?

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  • Hey there folks!

    I tried Construct 2 (free version) on Steam and I really like how easy it is to bring my ideas to (electronic) paper. Prototyping is a blast, since I'm actually able to "just do" stuff instead of learning how to code it first (Coding and me, we don't get together well).

    That being said, I'm literally THIS close to buy the personal edition. Mainly for the sprites/music/sounds, but also to get rid of the limitations in the effects department (I love the effects. So much.)

    Here is where I was wondering though. I know it comes with sprite sheets and all, but ultimately I'll get custom sprites from people who can do that better then me. People I'll pay to do that better than me.

    While I was testing the HTML5 export, I noticed that every asset, which was used in the game, was collected in it's "image" folder. Usually I wouldn't bother with stuff like that, especially if I use free Sprites (provided with the Programm or one of the OGA people) but with sprites I paid for it is kind of different.

    I know very well that, give enough time, EVERYTHING can be de-compiled/hacked/ripped or whatever. Though I'd like to know if there is a possibility to make sure not everybody who knows about the "image" folder can get my assets.

    Wow, that was a moth full...

  • It is actually fairly straightforward to pull the image assets out a browser game. However they are covered by automatic copyright in most countries which prevents other people using them. It's possible to extract the images out of most kinds of game though, so the main reason people don't steal artwork is because it's copyrighted rather than because it's difficult to get.

    It is also extremely difficult to reverse engineer a project and get the .capx project back because all exported Javascript is obfuscated by Closure Compiler by default.

  • Ah... I haven't thought about it that way.

    Thanks for clearing that up!

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  • Ashley

    How is it obfuscated? I open the c2runtime javascript file and it seems to be pretty clearly code looking.

  • Gamezilla - you need Java installed and to enable 'Minify script' on export.

  • Oh awesome, that is a nice feature to have since few of my sites been hit my Russian viruses/malware .

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