"Recreate Initial Objects" family duplicate issue.

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  • Ashley This isn't necessarily a bug as much as a design issue/possible oversight, so I'll post here.

    I have an object that is in both "Family A" and "Family B". Since I use "Recreate Initial Objects" on both families, my object is recreated twice. Is there any way this can be fixed? I don't think there's anything I can do on my end with events..

  • Hmm, that would be the correct result given the design of the feature, since the initial instance belongs to both families. Could you create a third family of just the ones you want to recreate? Or maybe just hack it so if it spawns at exactly the same position as another instance then destroy it again...

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  • Just learning, since haven't used yet, but cannot this be done sequentially since you have to destroy residuals first: Destroy A, make A, destroy B, make B. The second destroy then removing the shared items before recreate.

  • Mh. Yeah, creating a 3rd family specifically for using "Recreate Initial Objects" works, I just wanted to avoid it because that's a lot of objects to account for. Easier to just recreate all the families so nothing gets missed.

  • If you want only 1 instance of the object to be on the level you can try setting that if that object is not on layer then recreate.

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