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  • Hello again, great community!

    Why does it not work, when i give the command:

    animation: on any finished = destroy object

    For me it meas, when "any" animation (also does not workd when i named an specific animation) is finished, so the last animation frame is reached, the object will be destroyed - but it does not work!

    The object will stay in frame and count also as an "active" object.

    (for testing i always make a text-object to "count" all objects)

    And another question is, is it possible to create an backdrop-object from an sprite-object?

    For better understanding: in MMF and TGF it was possible, to create an backgdrop- from an active-object like:

    animation is finished:

    • create backdrop object
    • destroy

    It means, when an animation is finished, a "backdrop" will be cloned from the "active", and the "active" will be destroyed - so it does not count anymore as an object 'couse it's destroyed, but it leaves an vestige...

    I hope you undertsand and sorry about my english (thanks google-translate *hehe*)

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