"Is in touch" works, "Is touching object" breaks it??

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  • Attached is my current project file. The movement of the ball works like a catapult. You pull back and then let go and the ball launches. I want the user to be able to continuously do this action to traverse around the zone. So I set up an anchor point that follows the ball via distance joint. When the user touches the screen the anchor is frozen and the ball is pulled back off the anchor point to relaunch at any time. So far, it works fairly well. My problem is, it only works using the "in touch function" I only want this action to occur when you touch the ball. When I change the "Is in Touch" to "Is Touching Object" my entire setup breaks. I think I just have my mechanics disordered or something. I am a novice at all of this and what I have so far is hacked together. Maybe someone can help me decipher where I went wrong. Thanks!

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