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  • Hi guys. Complete newb, already hit a hurdle on the beginners tutorial. I'm trying to add an object to the main layer and its stating in the tutorial i must select mouse or keyboard. looked at a video and saw that these should fall under input catergory but its not there. anyone know why.

    Sorry for what I'm sure is a ridiculously dumb question, a thousand pardons.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Could be you've started a New Project template that already has Mouse and Keyboard objects included. Check on the right side of the screen if they're in the list of objects :)

  • Ahhhhhh I see! I was on layers so could not see that, Boy is my face red! So i assume i can just drag and drop that as opposed to having to insert new object?

    Thanks by the way dude

  • You don't need to drag and drop system objects, like Keyboard, Mouse, etc. They're already included into your project.

    Simply click on them in the list to change specific settings for them. To add Mouse or Keyboard events, simply click on "New Event" or "New Action" in the Events Sheet and they'll be in the list of choices : )

  • Awesome. nice one dude :D

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