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  • Hi,

    I am using the include event sheet quite a bit to reuse events across layouts. However, often the event sheet refers to Layout elements that should appear across layouts also. It would be great if there would also be an include layout option, which is, for example, included in one or more layers.

    And, perhaps a more "futuristic" feature:

    It would be great if an include sheet could support "Aspectual" weaving of elements. For example. In each event sheet where I include the "erase" even sheet, I need to add a "draw mode" condition to two already existing events. Best if within the include sheet I could specify, something like this: In Event-Sheet X, in Event #1, Even#2, add Condition "varDrawMode=1". The system would "weave" this addition into the main event-sheet.

    EDIT: in fact, there would like be three event sheets in action. 1) the main sheet, 2) a reusable event sheet and 3) a weaving event sheet. The weaving sheet would include the main sheet and the reusable sheet and add weaving instructions. The pattern is much like MVC (Model, View, Controller design pattern)-- making the main and reusable sheet oblivious of the reuse that is happening, and putting all reusable information into the weaving sheet (the weaving sheet acting like a controller as it were).

    This would make the code much more modular.


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