"File Choose" can save files?

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  • Hello,

    After working with the new plugin "File Choose", I would ask Ashley if is possible to earn a new feature for this plugin.

    I'm wanting to save the image as PNG, and "invoke download" doesn't work after testing it on some mobiles.

    Advantages of this new feature:

    • Save of screenshots will be easy for beginners and users without skills to build plugins by themselves (that's where I'm);
    • Make possible the production of games for children draw over photos or pre-defined images, like paint, and then saving it on mobile or sharing it with twitter (and maybe facebook);
    • Giving the users a way of save a PNG file on the chosen folder on smartphones and PADs to workaround the "invoke download" issue;

    That's all for the moment.

    Sincerely, Gabriel

    Thank you!

  • You know every iPhone, iPad and iPod using Safari does not have the ability to download files. The reason for this is that the iDevices themselves do not give the user access to a normal file system for file storage as you have on a Mac or Windows computer and so there is nowhere to "save" the downloaded file.

    You should use server-side to upload their canvas as Base64 to write PNG files on your server, so they can save link, also it works with twitter and facebook.

    If the user wants to save this screenshot, you give an instrucction how to take a screenshot while pressing both buttons, it automatically saves the screenshot on its local disk.

  • Joannesalfa, there is any way of save in android without using "invoke download"?

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  • No

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