"Construct 2" Capabilities On Android Device?

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  • <font size="5">"Construct 2" Capabilities On Android Device?</font>

    I finished my 1st game(an Asteroids remake) using "Construct 2".

    What I really want to do is a new game targeted to Android OS devices.

    I have some questions with C2 on Android:

    (1) Is multi-touch on screen working or not?

    (2) Do I have access to the gyroscope?

    (3) How is the screen displayed? stretched full screen?

    (4) Does audio work on Android at all?

    (5) Are there any limitations to making game with C2 for Android?



  • (1) Touch plugin supports multi-touch

    (2) Touch has accelerometer expression where you can get values

    (3) It depends the resolution

    (4) Sometimes, maybe you try Chrome for Android, remember Web Audio isn't standarized yet.

    (5) Most browser for Android don't work with WebGL, except Firefox

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  • 4 and 5

    Use CocoonJS. CJS has an audio wrapper support that C2 uses in it's export. And as for limitation through CJS, no WebGL.

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