" Construct 2 only supports orthogonal TMX maps "

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  • What a dissapointing error message i got after creating a test map with tiled in isometric mode. I had no idea.. Is there no way around this? Was kinda relying that i could create my game in isometric style after realizing that 3d was a bit too hard for me.

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  • Everything is in the manual and also a separate BLOG from Ashley. It's unfortunate to have wasted so much time.

    [quote:13l6vlg1]TMX import

    When importing from Tiled, Construct 2 currently only supports a subset of its features. What it does support are:

    Orthogonal (square) maps

    Source image with optional margin, spacing and a single transparent color

    Multiple layers of tiles (note a single Tilemap object represents a single layer of tiles, so when importing you're asked which layer to import)

    TMX files using XML, CSV, base64, or zlib-compressed base64 data

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