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  • Hey all,

    I was wondering if it is possible to have such a forum segment.

    We all make different projects using different plugins, behavior, exporter combinations and sometimes we find some small bugs(Edit: that we have found and solved) or maybe shortcuts with those combinations. Honestly some of us might be busy with a project and writing a bug report and uploading a capx or writing a tutorial might seem too time consuming to bother doing.

    Maybe in such a section, these users could just make a post saying i was using X and Y for this event and found this or if you are using X and Y for this event use Z instead.

    It would be quick and maybe we can also tag posts with legit or debunked or undecided with some other users feedback.

    Obviously this would only work for small, quick to replicate conditions. What do you guys think?

  • Prone to let users do workaround instead of reporting a bug, even though the concept is kind, I think it is a bad idea overall.

    It could also help, but there should be an advice at least saying not to always use this, and to remember those can be dirty hacks

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  • Great idea, but then what?

    If you want it to be fixed you need to post a report bug.

    In my game there a puzzle, The player must avoid gun line detector or the gun will shoot, It works perfect, But when the player die and the game load the gun detector won't work.

    For more than 2 month's i've tried to fix this but with no succeed, I've tried every thing, change the variables change the animation change the event's, and after that i posted in the bugs section and my post has been closed because i'm using third plugin.

    And then what, this big problem has been fixed on the r 168 (( every x time bug )).

    I'm with you, the bug reports must be improved.

  • A0Nasser

    The bug report system can use improving but what i actually i wanted to suggest it as a place where users post minor bugs which they have already encountered and solved. Game breaking bugs like what you had encountered will have to go to the bug section of the forum.

    For example in one of my projects i had a ball with physics behavior, i made the ball fly into the screen by giving it a force of X which resulted in the ball having speed Y.

    By previewing on my Chrome browser, i calibrated the force X to get the desired speed Y . But then when i previewed over lan on the cocoonjs app on android the ball's speed Y was too fast for the applied force X, it wasn't the same as when on the chrome browser, so i had to make an event where i had to limit the speed to Y if it exceeded Y.

    It was a quick fix on my part. Some users could read what i had found and then keep it in my mind for their future projects.


    Sorry but i don't get what you mean. Hacks?. I meant to say it is a place where users post minor bugs that they found and solved, guess i didn't mention it properly.

  • Oh, I didn't understood, I thou you were talking about bugs in the engine, rather than encountered issues due to non intuitiveness so other user don t fall in them (like when to use for each)

  • Yes this cool, for example ( Tips and tricks section ).

  • I don't wish to seem negative but isn't this what the "how do I" forum is for? I just wish that it was easier to search. I think what could be interesting is some sort of wiki containing top tips - to expand on the manual and tutorials. But then..... wouldn't it all get a bit chaotic with 4 places to search for info (you'd still have to search the forums)? Document control would be a nightmare especially with the rate of progress worth improvements and extra features.

  • I would say there are already enough areas as it is, and as has been stated previously more than once, the mods have enough work moderating the sections that already exist. I doubt they would welcome more.

  • Colludium

    Not exactly a 'how do i'.. I was thinking of something in the lines of a 'Here's a neat trick i found' or 'I encountered this bug and solved it by doing so and so..' , Obviously the forum section wouldn't be named as such but that's what i intended to mean. My first post is actually very vague now that i look back at it.

    Like a wiki as you mentioned. Just a place where users can post tips/tricks/bugs and their quick fixes. Unfixable bugs would obviously go to the Bugs section. Not a place to ask but rather a place to explore themselves.

    In my case i found a problem where , when pinning two sprites with revolution joints (Physics behavior) , the sprites might be in the desired position relative to each other, as set in C2 and when previewed on a desktop, but when previewed on phone via cocoonjs app, the sprites get offset my some amount no matter what, even if you put conditions to set their position. Then i found that the sprite's position of it's collision polygons was the culprit and by trial and error and modifying the collision points i was able to get it to be in the desired position as it was when previewed on the browser.

    Now i found that bug and solved it myself but i didn't think of posting it anywhere, then i thought what if others found and solved other quirky bugs or have some shortcuts which they use for certain types of games, we are all a bit selfish/lazy.

    But as you said it will be a load on the mods and i'm not even gonna pretend to know how to run a site, but i thought it might be a useful section.

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