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  • I know this is probably firefox's fault: I've been trying C2 and finding it pretty cool, but with whatever I make (and also the example games) they stutter constantly on firefox. It could be 2 tiny sprites moving around and it still happens. Everyone I know uses FF, and get the same results, but when tested on Chrome it's smooth.

    It's not the FPS that takes a hit but... stuttering.

    Also a few more concerns before I early adopt:

    1. Currently there's no window/resolution controls and I'm wondering if that's an HTML5 limitation. The fullscreen w/ scaling option seems to do weird things to my game, moving the 0,0 point depending on window size which displaces HUD elements and parallax.

    2. Right-clicking with webgl enabled, but I notice that's covered here:

    3. In general I'm wondering if this could support a game with many particle effects and potentially some large sprites moving around with several layers of parallax or if that's just not feasible for a browser game.


  • I've had the same problems with Firefox too, I find that using Internet Explorer or Chrome for Construct2 games is better. Still, my website friends say it's probably a HTML5 issue with Firefox. Still, I hear ya, it's a pain as I user Firefox most of the time.

  • Same observations here.

    It's better on win 7 (compared to win XP), but still yes, stuttering.

    Let's wait and see if the next versions of FF will correct this. Games are still playable, nevertheless, and we know it's browser based.

    We will just have to let the users know what browser offers the more comfort/performance in the end and inform them that they should use that browser.

    Nowadays, it is not a big deal having two browsers, one default for navigation, and one other for "alternative use".

    I think I'll stick to FF for my everyday navigation, and use chrome for all that is gaming.

    Previewing anyway in chrome and FF (even if I still have that strange bug that doesn't allow me to launch the preview on the browser chrome, even if it is installed. I copy the preview url to a blank chrome window and it works.)

    I'm confident webgl renderer should allow for particles easier/steadier.

    WebGL, despite the right-clicking, is steady and non-stutering in FF (at least from what I've seen so far).

    Reminder Scirra's blog post about HTML5 performances from mid November.

  • I'm using webgl and windows 7, for reference.

  • Firefox has one of the worst garbage collectors of the major browsers AFAIK. Construct 2's engine is carefully optimised to create as little garbage as possible, but Firefox seems to still have a little trouble with it. I've seen Firefox running some games perfectly smoothly, though.

    Mozilla are working on an improved collector with what's called a 'generational collector' which performs much better. It's a few releases off, though - I think given a few months they'll have sorted it. Just growing pains for HTML5.

  • It's hard to get a screenshot of "stuff going on" but what I'd like to port to it has a lot of it, with lots of fast bullets, enemies with a good amount of AI logic, alpha shaded particles everywhere, etc.

    for example

    Is this even within the realm of C2, hypothetically?

  • 1)Yeah the fullscreen seems to be a work in progress but I can't say. You can always use your browser's zoom to get a bigger window though. This may make the graphics blurry, but if you use Chrome you can go to chrome://flags and enable "GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D" which keeps graphics from blurring, among other things.

    2)The game I'm working on uses large images, 4 parallaxing layers, lots of little objects, and a fair amount of particle effects but there's no slowdown yet! I don't think you'll have any problems there.

    You may want to find a better browser for gaming; FF isn't very good imo. Maybe Chrome or Opera?

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  • for example

    Is this even within the realm of C2, hypothetically?

    I'd say so. It's stuff like this you want to watch out for.

  • I'm all for recommending Chrome, but until this ridiculous 'sticky' 8-directional bug when using a mouse is fixed, I can't do anything.

    Has Chrome been made aware of the problem?

  • Hmm, I just noticed Construct 2 can't save/load arrays and ini files. I don't mean network files, just lists of data to draw on like level files, animations, weapon definitions, cutscene scripting, etc.

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