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  • Hello

    I have been able to integrate FB Instant API into my Construct game, but I fail to understand some parts of Facebook instant games API itself.

    Here is how I plan to implement my game:

    1. game starts (from somewhere, either by search on Messenger or a friend inviting on Messenger, or a group share)

    2. Player plays one round and dies

    3. Player is shown a dialog to invite his friends (through FBInstant.chooseAsync())

    4. Player chooses one of her friends and comes back to the game. Q: Does her friend immediately receive an invite?

    5. Player makes a high score. I call "FBInstant.updateAsync()" with her high score and some text and image (RICH_GAMEPLAY update). Q: Who does this message go to? I can't choose any recipient when I send this, so who does it send it to?

    Q: What is the difference between "shareAsync" and "updateAsync"?

    Q: Does it matter where the player started playing the game from? Whether it was from a friend's invite or from a Facebook post share? Which steps above would it affect?

    Thank you :)

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