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  • roughly a year ago wrote that there will be advanced features which basically allows to store players inventorys points and more on the mp/signaling server.

    [quote:1hoi8ij9]Additionally, given the scope of the feature and the ongoing running costs, we are planning to introduce a low-cost subscription for the full version of the multiplayer feature upon its final release. This is planned to support extended features, including player logins and data storage (e.g. for players to accumulate inventory, achievements, ranks or experience points in a multiplayer game), leaderboards, location-based matchmaking, and possibly relay servers to help connect users who are behind extremely restrictive NAT and would otherwise be unable to connect. We do hope to support a basic but useful version for existing users with a license. This is still under consideration and is subject to change, but please be aware our priority during the beta is to test it is efficient and robust, and that we may make adjustments to the available features after the beta.

    is there any eta when this will be included? or at least an info if you are still working on this?

    (maybe i did miss something and its already available?)

    the reason i ask is because i currently working on a mp game which needs to have some kind of matchmaking elo system. i could handle this with an external php/mysqlapi but would highly prefer to not do so. i would also be glad to pay a higher one time (maybe double or even triple) price of the current signaling server for those features.

    kind regards


  • We have dropped plans for those features, because uptake of the multiplayer feature is lower than we expected. Before development we ran polls asking what features people wanted the most, and multiplayer always won by a significant majority. But then when we released the feature it seems loads of people voted for it but then never used it. I think this is a mix of the fact multiplayer games are hard to design, even with a tool like C2 doing much of the heavily lifting, and also possibly partly due to WebRTC still not being widely supported yet.

    Anyway since those are difficult and time-consuming features to develop and there is still only a small audience developing multiplayer games, it doesn't seem worth investing in to for the time being. I'd recommend developing the features yourself with your own serverside and possibly your own JS plugin.

  • well thats a pity but thanks for the clarification Ashley i think one of the major problems with mobile games will be the unstable connection... as when you are in the train and went through a tunnel connections can break... lets see hopefully this will gain some speed in the future, even if the plans are dropped for now. (by the way i just love construct and i just hope you get rich because of it haha)


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  • Oh my god.... this was actually planned?

    And dropped again?.... :'(


    If MP was such a big wish, why do you think there's no one actually using it?

    You have to consider that MP games are not that easy to code/design, so it will take much more development time.

    Or do you see that on the signalling server logs?

    However considering the fact that the MP feature is still pretty young, i doubt that there are much MP games out as of yet.

    If you look at the guides, they have quite a lot visitors and it is not even 1 year old.

    Me (for example) have only bought Construct 2 because i knew that it is even able to create multiplayer games.

    I'm currently working on quite a big Desktop Game project which is all about multiplayer.

    So before you're ever going to see this as an actual release or open beta you would have to wait for another 2~4 years maybe. (once i will be that far i will buy the signalling server anyway.)

    I would also be willing to pay a higher price on the signalling server if it's offering me such great features.

    With that dedicated servers wouldn't appeal me that much anymore.

    I think you should still consider developing the multiplayer much further than it is now.

    I haven't seen any updates on it since it's initial release, while i was reading about a few bugs on the multiplayer itself.

    Like not correctly syncing players position due the Local input prediction.

    For some games it might not be a big deal, but other games may be designed were this would be required to be more exact.

    I have some smaller issues my self, but i'm not giving up on it, i'm sure i can improve it ones i'm further with the game.


    I hope you haven't dropped this idea entirely.

    I guess this was only planned as subscription anyways. It would be freaking awesome to buy such an advanced signalling server for ourselfs to host it on an own server.

    In the end, it's your ultimate decision.


  • Everade mentioned a very important point of whitch i thought to and there fore (sorry for pinging you again Ashley ) want you to considder, that the freadom of possibilitys is a great point with buying decisions! for example i am only bought the c2data editor becouse ive returned to c2 and i only returned to c2 because of reading of the multiplayer changes. even if i didnt made any mp games till this point i LOVE the thought that i have the freedom to do so at anypoint. and i think thats haw many people feel.

    at this point i am not able to code a js plugin myself, but i will try to work arround this with php & mysql... some kind of matchmaking is just necessary for every good mp game.

    but i am with you that there are more important things right now like performance, batteryusage, jittering, sound issues, and so on...


  • I would love to use the Multiplayer plugin but it was really difficult to adapt any of the examples into simple things I was doing for testing.

    If someone made a really well in depth tutorial on just doing a simple platforming game for multiplayer, I think that would go really far.

    It just ended up for me being too much time to invest when I have other small projects I need to finish. But I hope the multiplayer plugin isn't totally abandoned

  • It isn't that complicated if you have read yourself through all tutorials from ashley.

    I've got an isometric shooter pretty fast to work.

    Unless some issues with syncing the char angle direction and that if i shoot on the client that the host is shooting as well.

    But for now it was more for testing rather than fully implementing it.

    All in all it works better than expected in the first place.

    But you always have to take care that the host is handling everything.... Otherwise players could cheat easily.

  • Hi. Sorry for posting in an old Topic but are there any (free) Services we can use for achievements or leaderboards?

    I plan to publish some games on the Windows Store and it would be great to have things like that without getting my own Server and scripts do do it (e.g. in SQL database to store scores).

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