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  • So, I stepped away from Construct 2 for a while when I started going to school for Video Game Design. When I discovered the Multiplayer object update a couple days ago, I just about lost my shit with excitement. That and the IAP system have completely renewed my interest in Construct. Some quick questions:

    1. Can Multiplayer work with Google Play's on board system? If not, is that in the works?

    2. Can the multiplayer object be used in mobile based projects? Can I make multiplayer games for Android and iOS?

    3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I mean... hm, question. Ah! Have I told you how much I appreciate this feature?!

    4. What are the plans for the future of multiplayer? Has anyone tried playing around with extending it? Thanks for all the help!

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  • 1. The MP Plugin is not part of Google Play's connection service. it's entirely it's own environment. However there is no reason you can't step up to the plate and use Google Plays connection service yourself and work by a hybrid method... providing Google now supports JS in the service.

    2. Only for Android right now. MP in the big MP Plugin Blog clearly mentions WebRTC and what platforms works.. You might want to check out the Scirra blogs too however is some one wants to do WebRTC extension for iOS then iOS will also have MP... the good part is that there is an ObjC version of WebRTC so it should be just some minor work to get that into Ejecta and then C2 MP should work on iOS. I will be looking into this some time in the future if no else has by time I need it.

    4. Ashley intends for online storage, achievements and other such features.

  • Thank you so much for the quick and informative response, jayderyu! Really, my only interests are to develop for standalone and perhaps Android, so this works out great.

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