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  • These questions are in regards to Gameplay, filesize etc. In all aspects of game creation for Games playable online and via Mobile Browser)

    1) Which is better?

       a)Single Layout using Groups in a game containing Levels?

       b)Multiple Layouts with Single Event sheet controlling all Levels?

       c)Multiple Layouts and Coordinating Event sheets, where each event

         sheet controls a level?

    2)In Regards to Background, is

       a)Tiling a background better, or;

       b)Using a Sprite Background?

    3)Is it better to,

    a)Use an image for a obstacle, or;

    b)Use a hotspot/box?

    4)If using multiple Event Sheets, is it better to:

       a)Include multiple event sheets into 1 Sheet

       b) Each Layout has its own level control event sheet,

          each event sheet containing Includes

    I will update post if I think of any more.

  • 1) There's no "best", it just depends on what is the more practical for you as a maker.

    For the end-user it changes about nothing.

    2) It depends on the type of game, on the resolution of the game, on what's more practical for you and for the end-user in matter of download-size.

    3) If the obstacle is not supposed to move, I guess you can use a single sprite which displays the image.

    In the end, what matters in collision is the collision polygon. Hotspot don't exist in C2.

    Using an invisible sprite/box over another textured sprite can be useful if you want several collision areas on your texture (since a collision polygon is limited to 8 points anyway).

    So in the end, it depends on the game, the type of obstacle and the intent of the maker.

    4) It is just what's more practical for you and your coding.

    It also depends on the game you're making.

    I strongly suggest you to read Ashley's blog article about optimization, it contains what really makes a difference.

    In the end the "what is best" type of question is often answered by "it depends on your taste and abilities", what's more convenient to you as a maker and if it fits in the logic of the game you're currently making.

  • Thank you Kyatric.

    I have skimmed Ashley's blog.

  • Here is my opinion:

    1. In MOST cases, option B should be the best. A large layout with too many sprites will obviously cause lag, and there is usually no need to give each level a separate event sheet.

    2. Tiling is better if you have a background that can be tiled. If you don't, then the only option is a sprite background ;). Also think about stretching small rectangles for large areas of color with a low download.

    3. It depends on the type of obstacle. However if you think about it, you can make almost any shape with just an arrangement of stretched/angled rectangles.

    4. This is up to you and your game.

  • Thank you. That's exactly the input I needed. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I quite like the idea of stretching a sprite, never thought of that. Doh! <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • bumb ubm!<img src="" border="0" />

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