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  • Hi guys,

    A little help if possible, everytime I try making a game I keep running into problems with my FPS on mobile phones, I have read LOADS of articles posted about performance and tried all of them but I still keep having issues.

    Could somebody please give me some tips on how to use the debugger to see whats causing the drop? for example whats a decent / fair number of collisions per second

    Here is a little info on the latest one I'm trying to do from the debugger...

    Object count	53 [Add to watch]
    Collision checks/sec	3089 (~70/tick) [Add to watch]
    Poly checks/sec	757 (~17/tick) [Add to watch]
    Moved cell/sec	5 (~0/tick) [Add to watch]
    Cell count	15[/code:1n1xjbms]
    is the above too high and the cause of my slower FPS?
    my game is almost complete so I would prefer not to post the file for it, and also I would like to learn how to fix this myself if possible using the debugger for the future.
    I can tell you mind that I don't have hardly anything running 'every tick' and I have done all the performance steps mentioned on here -  and various other ones I have seen.
    if it helps... the game starts on 60FPS, but as soon as I try and accelorate (using the car behaviour) the drops down to 20 odd,  thats what lead me to believe it might be the collision checks.
    Thanks in advance,
  • Can you post a sample capx

    Also what's your mobile device?

    I can't say for sure. But I found a lot of devs struggle with any physics related processing. Including myself. i've seen JS physics run on iPodTouch with a 100 to 120 objects run at 50fps+. but with C2 struggle with 20. I'm not sure if the card is physics. but share what you have and let's see if anyone can find a solution.

  • Did you look at the profiler?

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  • jayderyu - I will try and put one together when I can, its got a lot of stuff in so didn't want to give it away as yet,

    Ashley - isnt that the debugger? - its just that was the main thing I was asking about in my first post, how to read it more than anything and if the stats I posted from the debugger was too much.

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