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  • I'm trying to make a simple platform game but my sprite animations act weird, it's not finished as of yet but I tend to make a full game (A Sonic game) using Construct 2, I still tend to add the acceleration animations among other Sonic game essentials.

    also if I tend to make it into an .exe release is Awesomium ready to make an .exe release to be played on Windows independently of a browser? or is Awesomium still in alpha stages and should use MMF2 or Game Maker for .exe? tough I do intend to release it as HTML5 primarly altough I haven't seen any big games utilizing HTML5 since it isn't as popular as Flash so I don't know how good HTML5 handles a mediocre Sonic game engine or a platformer engine.

    I'm a developer switched from Game Maker btw.

    Here's the .capx file in case anyone wanna try and review my errors :/

    Made with R119.

    EDIT: Forgot to state the bugs (which I think are my errors not that Construct 2 is bugged)

    When I move towards the wall and keep sticking to that directions the animations switches between moving and stopped very fast.

    The orange tiles are jump-trough platforms and there are some weird animation bugs when you move on top of them.

    Yeah I think that's all of them :/

  • Well for native.exe Awesimuim was removed in favor of node-webkit which seems to be more succesful and faster.

    Although there aren't any "large" games currently created with C2. That's only because large games require larger development teams and C2 is primarly for smaller developers. However my experience with the engine I feel sure I could create a large game with the staff. There are however robust platformers out there. Check 8-bit Boy.

  • So you're saying Awesomium is dropped in favor of focusing HTML5, sure seeing you still can play HTML5 games offline, however I did notice that while exported the game via Awesomium the game was faster without stutters compared to playing it via a browser (Firefox in this case) in FF the game stutters, tough I've only used run layout so I don't know if it's any different if you export it in HTML5 instead of playtesting it via Construct 2, in my case as of yet .exe/Awesomium is slightly better tough, altough the stutters/lags while in HTML5 are very small.

    EDIT: I see node-webkit, sorry I just updated from R114 whilst it had Awesomium >_< and haven't noticed it replaced it with another .exe exporter, I just looked into the exporters right now. my bad.

    Like the new exporter so far, is it a beta exporter or finished? compared to awesomium?

    also why no Win64? only Win32? whilst there are Linux 32 and 64 folders? or that doesn't matter? I'm running on a 64-bit machine btw and the win32 works well on it so I guess it doesn't matter much.

  • LavaWave node-website exports as an exe for desktop play. Though just as awesomium it wraps a browser object. So it is still an html5 game. Just in a .exe wrapper with a browser control embedded as far as I can tell. It also exports for mac and Linux desktop apps as well.

  • And the speed is faster if you play the game that was exported trough awesomium node-webkit compared to playing it trough a browser.

    Yeah this makes it so that I have more reason to stick to Construct 2 so far then using mmf2/gm since now Construct can export my games for offline play, making them portable for when I have to use my laptop in places where there is no wifi/passworded wifi.

    Still is node-webkit a w.i.p like awesomium was or it is a finished (albeit still being updated much like how Construct 2 is now) exporter?

    btw did anyone check on my capx, to see if I'm doing an error on my part?

  • Haven't had a chance, at work currently :)

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  • I have a lot of experience with Sonic fangaming, infact, I used to have a fancharacter that was a green sonic! I remember it being quite a pain to make a Sonic engine in MMF2, (though I was newbie with all the logic at the time), but with the features that Construct 2 holds, I think it would be very easy to make a Sonic engine using just the Platform behaviour, and a lil bit of trig knowledge (Or just make it from scratch).

    Anyway, I tried fiddling around with your .capx, and I never really thought about how to prevent the character from flickering whilst against a wall with Constructs' platform behaviour, first thing I thought it was was that the collision of ZoniK changes as he runs/walks, so I created a universal sensor called "Player" that will always remain circular so that if you run against a wall, you will not flicker (ALTHOUGH He seems to flicker ONCE when you hold against a wall, not sure why... :( )

    There's a lot more you can do or I could do to help, but I lack the time :(

    Anyway, here you go.

    Goodluck man!

  • Thanks man, much appreciated.

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