Questions about Construct 2 networking

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  • Hi, I have a couple of questions about Construct 2 networking.

    1. Anyone know the status on WebRTC?

    2. When WebRTC is done and standardized, anyone know how long it'll take before a corresponding C2-plugin appears?

    3. What's the technical reason why WebSocket can't be used to construct a C2-based server? Are incoming WebSocket-handshakes blocked?

    4. Since you need to code an actual server for WebSocket use, what's the easiest method of building such a server for a person with no prior programming experience? Would it be possible to code a WebSocket-server using, for instance, a different game development toolkit instead of having to use, say,

    Thanks a lot in advance. :-)

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  • bolosaur

    1. The Wikipedia entry on WebRTC keeps up to date with its current status e.g. "Mozilla hope to give a useful implementation with Firefox 17 in January 2013".

    2. Implementation of a WebRTC C2 plugin simply depends on anyone who has the necessary expertise (and time!) choosing to develop it.

    3. WebSocket servers for C2 client games have been developed, using Do a Forum search for 'multiplayer'.

    4. Building such a server for a person with no prior programming experience would be an impossible task, IMO. One path to coding a WebSocket server using a different game development toolkit is via Photon. But it still needs JavaScript programming skills. See my contributions to this thread.

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