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  • I want to start producing games using Construct 2, which incidentally found a great engine! But I have some doubts about what he really is capable of. So will a list of questions:

    1. It is possible to make a great game? With the Super Nintendo for example. Games like Castlevania, Mega Man, Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Zelda...With various phases, various enemies and effects. Or would much lag it would be impossible to play it? I saw games like The Next Penelope Airscape and saw that it is possible. But for mobile games or browser? It is also possible? Or the game will be with excessive lag?

    2- Admob only works with Intel XDK Crosswalk and IAP with Phonegap or CocoonJs? So I can not have ads and in-app purchases in the same game? Is there any other good plugin for ads and in-app purchases.

    3- The multiplayer works for all platforms? For Wii U as well?

    4- It is possible to place in-app purchases and ads on desktop games with or some other plugin? A game so you can get to Steam? And you can put on games for Wii U?

    5- How to solve the crash problem in TileMap? Where shows a line fault. Each tile in the layer is recognized as a single image is not? And it weighs the game. How do I recognize that each tile set as a single image?

    Well ... I think that's it! Excuse me if the text is unclear. I used google translator and do not know if the translation is good or not? >. <

  • I'm going to be blunt. The answer is. You can make any game you want. However the effort is different. Some people don't realize the effort even with awesome tools is a lot.

    1. Yes.

    3. No, but WebSocket does work. So as long as your not making the next Street Fighter or FPS. Your fine. TCP is fine for realtime.

    4. Steam and Wii U won't allow other party IAP. But you can put IAP on all theose platforms.

  • Thank you for your jayderyu answers! ^^ My biggest fear is the game slow down or crash. So a great game will run well in both desktop and browser and android?

  • It can, but I found most new users jump in expecting good performance. While C2 has good performance, you need to be more technically minded and be diligent in your games design.

    Fewer sprite types(ie, 1 sprite for all gui, 1 sprite for all bad guys, 1 sprite for all weapon fire)

    no dom(Text object, Lists) only use SpriteFont for text

    Reuse code by way of functions

    Mobile is not Desktop. An intensive Desktop game will not run on mobile. Dragon Age Inquisition will not run on iPad3.You may be working in 2d, but that doesn't change game logic.

    C2 easy to use Event Sheets are going to be slower than manually programming.

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  • I find the C2 engine to be great I remember back in the day when the performance wasn't so great, but it has improved a lot now. For an example, have a look at this app I created with C2, there are many sprites all interatcting with one another and the envrionment and it all works as a charm, so it is pretty safe to assume that whatever you are working on, C2 will be able to handle it. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> ... ios.myreef

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