Some questions about Construct 2.

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  • Hello everyone,

    I've heard about Construct 2 yesterday. Today I decided to downloaded it and give it a try. I've completed the beginner tutorial and honestly, this IDE is the best I have ever used so far. The developers did a great job and I believe it will be one of the top IDE's in the future.

    I have some questions, though. Having few years of programming experience, I would like to see some codes on the screen, instead of event mechanism.

    1. Is there any way I can see the codes produced by event mechanism? I would like to inject some codes myself, or even create classes.

    2. I would like my games to interact with my PHP to save data on MySQL. (Or I would prefer using node.js for realtime gaming) Is it possible with Construct 2 - if so, how? Anyone tried - any examples?

    3. Is there any tutorials on animation? I used to animate my characters back in the days when I used Actionscript (flash) to make 2D games, and it had some cool features to animate things easily. Do such options exist here?

    Thanks alot.

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  • 1. The IDE is designed to display only events.

    Nevertheless you can use the SDK to code your own plugin/behavior.

    Make sure first that you're not reinventing the wheel and that either the functionality you're looking for isn't already in C2 built-in extensions, or if another custom plugin/behavior hasn't already been released on the matter.

    Having a look at this tutorial might help you getting the global C2 architecture.

    2. The how do I FAQ has several elements listed at the section "AJAX" which should answer this question.

    Be sure to also check AJAX's manual entry to see about the last features implemented.

    For the node.js server there are a few multiplayer tests that have been thrown around, you can see some listed in the section "Networking".

    3. The tutorial "how to make a platform game" should display you the way to import animations in C2's sprites.

    Some behaviors like "Sine" can help you giving some animation illusion too, but as for vectorial animation, there's nothing of the like implemented in C2. But I guess it's all about moving objects around, with bullet behaviors for example (you can check the section "Object moving" in the how do I FAQ).

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