Some questions about C2 and mobile games

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  • 1. Do mobile platforms (iOS, android and windows) support WebGL and therefore effects?

    2. What are the best export options for iOS and android right now? I see that cocoonJS has the new cloud compiler. Is this seeming like the best way to go?

    I know that these questions have been answered elsewhere, I just want to make sure to have the latest info - thanks!

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  • 1. Yes, iOS 8 supports webgl. Andriod 5+ supports webgl 3 and Android 4+ supports webgl 2 (I believe)

    2. is a good option for android, most of us have been getting better performance out of it, but it also seems a few more set up issues can occur. When it works though, it's pretty awesome.

    Intel XDK is good for iOS, fairly easy and painless too. I haven't tried for iOS yet, but it could be interesting.

  • Most mobile devices, but not all, support WebGL. See for more info. For publishing any Cordova-compatible platform should work well on iOS, and Crosswalk (also Cordova compatible) for Android.

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