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  • Goodday guys,

    I've been looking at buying software for creating my own games for a few weeks now, I have my final choice down to Fusion 2.5 or Construct 2. but I'm not a rich guy, £79 to me is a LOT of money (yes, I'm rather poor) but I don't mind paying if I'm going to use the software a lot and enjoy it.

    Before I click 'buy', I have some questions

    a) is it legal to give any completed games to my friends if they don't own Construct 2?

    b) is native windows export coming to Construct 2 in an update? (wrappers suck, bloat your file and kill the efficiency of the game)

    c) is it legal to have Construct 2 installed on 2 devices (my desktop and laptop) or would I need to buy 2nd licence?

    Thank you

  • As long as you have fully tested the free version of C2, you should have a good idea whether it's suitable for you or not.

    Regarding your questions:

    a) You can do what you like with the completed game. The only caveat is that you cannot make any money from the free version.

    b) This is discussed nearly every day and the answer is always the same from Ashley and Scirra - the prospect of a native exporter is basically zero. Do a search on this forum to see all the discussions about native exports.

    c) The personal license allows you to install C2 on as many devices as you wish, as long as it is only you that is accessing the licensed version. This is all covered in the Store.

  • I thank you for your answers and fast too. {b)} is a killer for me, if it was in the pipeline I'd toss down my £79 today but if its zero and not coming, I will default to Fusion 2.5 as its a deal breaker for me, I dislike wrappers.

    no offence intended, thank you again for your help. goodbye

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  • It depends what are your goals. Sure, native export is better, but there's very low difference regarding performance using the NW.js wrapper. There are numerous Steam games made with C2. IMHO the workflow is much more important at this point. Try out both software and see for yourself which one suits you better.

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