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  • Hey hey everyone!

    First of all, sorry if my english is some kind of bad, I�m not a native speaker. :)

    Downloaded C2 a few days ago and now i�m totally addicted. As a designer, i always wanted to insert my stuff in to games, without coding to much. THX for that :)

    After some exercises and solving some problems googeling, some questions came to my mind.

    Here they are.

    1. Is there any possiblity or tutorial on how to structure the code? I just added event to event, thinking about what i need next, but that�s pretty confusing. Why can�t I shift+click more than one event for example? Sorry if this sounds to easy for some of you, but i�m a total Noob in stuff like that :D

    2. How do I combine more Layouts (Menu-Screen/Level1/Level2 for example)? Do I need to buy it to do stuff like that?

    3. If 2 is possible, does an event sheet have effect on all of the layouts? How do i set up right for each level?

    4. Is there any possibillity to add a life bar? I solved this problem by making an animation with 10 Pictures, making the bar shrink, but that needs to much "compare instances" and seems pretty unusal!

    5. is it possible to make a 1 on 1 online game for facebook or something? Read a lot about that and it seems to be pretty tricky but possible, doesn�t it? And how about blue tooth games from screen to sreen (phone tophone) Is there any possibility to make a bluetooth realtime game?

    puhhhhhh, that�s it for the moment. Please don�t kill me, if there are some questions already solved. It�s not easy to find through this masses of information :)

    THX in advance

    B to the licious :D

  • I'm not sure to understand question 1 so I'll leave it aside for now.

    Question 2 and 3 should be answered thanks to this tutorial, an implementation for question 4 lies in this tutorial and this same tutorial might possibly answer question 1 (it's a video tutorial displaying some workflow).

    Question 5, well...

    Already complete the 4 first questions/2 tutorials and then we might talk again about 1 on 1 online game.

    It's been made more reachable in r116 thanks to the addition of websockets, but you still need to code an external server.

    I don't know if facebook allows such games (probably), and be aware it won't be real time, but turn based is possible.

    For the bluetooth realtime, I don't think it's possible at all (you would have to check HTML5's bluetooth support I guess).

    You might want to read and check some other tutorials linked in this one, they should give you more experience and a better idea of how to use Construct 2.

    Also rather than google, prefer a forum search you might get more interesting/precise results.

  • Hello Beaverlicious,

    Almost everything you are asking about is either in the manual, the tutorials or the forums. You just need to use the search box here on the site.

    Here are a couple of answers though:

    Each layout is basically a level or room. TO create a new level, you simply create a new layout. There are system events to load layout so you can say when X happens, load layout Y. You just need to create new layouts in the project window.

    Each Layout has it's own event sheet. If you want to use an event sheet in multiple layouts, you need to use the include option in your layout. This will let you use multiple event sheets and reuse sheets between layouts.

    There are multiple posts on creating lifebars in the forums.

    There are also tutorials and forum posts on creating multiplayer games as well as facebook integration etc...

    I recomend you take some time to search the forums and the manual. Searching for thigns like "life bar" and 'Event Sheets' will get you al ong way...

  • hey,

    thanks for the friendly and quick response :) sorry, if i didn?t read enough in the FAQ, Tutorials etc...

    forum search instead of google search was a good tipp too ;-)

    i know you are sick and tired off answering the same newbie questions all the time, but be sure that my best wishes will be with you :)

    it?s often a bit tricky if you are a beginner, cause you read so many things that are different from others/don?t work/just oppinions, that you loose control somehow. :)

    question 1 was meant like that:

    How do i structure a code the right way? I guess it shouldn?t be a mix of this here/this there like in my project.

    Perhaps someone can check it and give me some tips :)

    Would really like to get some Feedback on that :)

    WASD- moving

    mouse - shooting

    1,2,3 - spells

    The multiplayer question was just a look into future;-) I was just wondering if this bluetooth stuff works :)

    ThX again and have a wonderful day!


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  • No worries, I am actually a newbie as well, I have only been using Construct for a couple of weeks. But as I have a lot of time on teh train during my commute, I have pretty much read most of the manual and spend time doing searches on the forms each day. I have also started downloading the CAPX files that others post when they ask questions and using them to try to come up with my own solutions. So it has helped me pick it up fairly quickly.

    For structuring your code the easiest way I have found is to create multiple event sheets, for example one for player movement, one for enemey behavior, one for any events tied to that particular layout, etc... this gives you a much better chance of finding issues if you know where the code that effects a particular object is.

    For alternate controls, you can use the platform simulate control action. This lets you say for example, if they hit this button, simulate the platform Up action, or the platform left or right action. That way you can have other buttons that respond the same as the arrows do. You can also just use the keyboard object and fire off events based on keypresses. Another option is a plugin that lets you create alternate control schemes.

    One thing to keep in mind with creating your control schemes is that it is not always the best idea to translate your keyboard or controller based actions directly to touch screen. For example, if I want my character to do a wall jump, then on a controller I may want them to hit the jump button + the opposite direction of the wall on their controll pad. Or even more complex actions that require multiple buttons being used together. On a touch screen usually thumbs are being used so you can't easily do multiple button presses like that, so for touchscreen I actually combine or simplify my control scheme. For the above example, if it was touch screen, then for my wall jumping, I just require that they hit the opposite direction on my virtual directional pad, instead of forcing them to hit other buttons at the same time.

    While it may take a bit more time on my end, the experience is better for those who are not using a controller or keyboard. You should go through the tutorials on intro to construct as it has you create the ghost shooter game that using mouse shooting, also the two tutorials on creating platformer games are great as well here they are:

    Beginners guide (Ghost Shooter Game):

    Creating a basic platformer in Construct:

    I am currently working on a series of tutorials on enhancing or adding more advanced platform behaviors to a game that I will be publishing to the tutorials section in the coming weeks.

    Welcome to the site and as a fellow newbie here, I look forward to seeing what you make!

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