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  • Hello! I hope everyone is doing fine.

    Umm, I don't know where to start. Since I'm new to Construct 2, hope I can find some help from the experts.

    Firstly, I have a resolution question. I have been seeing a lot of questions regarding different devices have different resolutions so what should we do. Or from which to start.

    I tried Flappy template, compiled with Cocoon and run on my device but it showed half area blank white and it didn't even run. Is it some problem with the template or I missed something?

    I found a video:

    I wanted to ask, if we set scroll x,y to half of the layout size in the event sheet as shown in the video. Will this solution fix all resolution problems for all devices?

    If not, what size should I start from?

    This site tells us that most of the devices uses 750x1334 resolution in USA/Canda etc. If I work on this resolution, that's also OK?

    P.S: I tried to read all the forums and posts regarding official resolution stuff but I didn't understand them. Plus, those were 5+ years old as well.

    What should be the best method please. I can't even start my project as it's so confusing.. Need suggestions and guidance.

    Thank you!

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