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  • Hello

    I'm a beginner with Construct2, i love it because is very intuitive and easy to work with, i was reading in this forum about the problems C2 has when you try to export to mobile devices, in this very moment, I'm not interested in that point, since I'm doing my very first game and I'm focused in pc users (well maybe mac too), the point is, I read that is not very realistic trying to do a big game (taking big as a long game, with maybe some hours of gameplay) with Construct2.

    I wanna ask you for your experience and I will very pleased if you take a minute to answer me. I'm doing this game with my boyfriend and we are gona spend so much time in this project, and i really want to know if it deserves it, or maybe we should focus in other kind of game (more like a mini-game, maybe?)

    regards and thanks for your time

  • I guess it kind of depends on what your end goal is. I've found it's easier to make money from mobile games and I have several successful mobile apps compiled using CocoonJS--some of the apps are paid apps and some have ads.

    I think mini games are easier to make successful on mobile, but that's where I've been focusing mostly so I can't speak much for publishing to desktop. Some people have been successful with getting their games greenlit on Steam ... =103535227, that's probably the direction I would aim if I was making a bigger desktop game that I wanted to make money. But I've tried started making big games several times and haven't finished--it takes a lot of dedication and time if you want to make something really polished. "Agvik" and "Our Darker Purpose" are two examples of Construct 2 I can think of off that bat that are games that have made it to Steam.

    I've found that I usually get bored when working on bigger game unless it's a really good idea--mini games give me more creative freedom because I don't have to stick to one idea for a long time. So if it's a big game you have to ask yourself if it's something you can be happy doing for several months. Also I usually have to double (at least) the amount of development time I think that it's going to be to make something, there's lots of variables to consider when making games and everything takes longer than you think it will (sound, gameplay, art, publishing, marketing, and more).

    There are a lot of platforms you could consider publishing to that you might want to think about (more than just PC or mac). There's all the major mobile platforms, Wii U, the web, etc. Depending on what platform you go with you'll have different options for distributing once you've completed--if you want to go desktop you could distribute via the Humble Bundle store, get it on Steam Greenlight, etc.

    Anyways, it might be good to stick to mini-games until you're very comfortable with Construct 2, but really you can do what you want and others will probably disagree with me

  • I think the node webkit exe export is suitable for making a large game. I say I think because I'm not 100% sure about it as I don't know how big the games released using it so far are, but they look to be at least medium sized (airscape, angvik, our darker purpose, the next Penelope (I think?), super ubie land, courier, game dev tycoon which isn't c2 but still uses node webkit, etc).

    In my own tests, I have been able to export a test capx with a ton of graphics and events, and it still worked fine. The only issues I know about are potentially long loading times on some computers and no hardware acceleration on XP/vista which Ashley is currently looking into a way to fix by turning off the gpu blacklist.

  • My advice would be to try a few smaller games first. That will help you perfect game mechanics, learn what C2 can do (and can't), learn what it takes to take a game to completion, start to build a name for yourselves, learn what it takes to get your game into players hands, etc.

    I was just watching some great videos last night about some of these subjects - in the first one the guy talks about how his first game took 4 years to develop and completely failed. The second game was very successful because they knew what not to do (I bet they wish they had those 4 years back!) So learn from other people's mistakes, and then try to work your way up by not biting off too much all at once.

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    This second video has great information on how to market your game with little or no money. Again, starting small and building a fan base, developing relationships with reviewers and other people in the industry will greatly increase the chances of being successful!

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    good luck with your game! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • oh!! thanks, really, in this very moment i start thinking that the thing I like the most of C2 is the awesome community that you have here!!

    I will take all your answers in count!!

    thanks again

  • russpuppy, Just had a look at your google play page. Sure looks like you have been busy, as there are a ton of apps on there, with many over the million mark for downloads. Looks like you have hit a good niche there with the toddler market!

    As someone who is just about to put his first game on the playstore, can you offer me any advice as to your experience with ad monetization? Presumably you are using CocoonJS for everything? It is somewhat of a minefield with the current Ludei vs Crosswalk situation. Crosswalk is working on monetization , so I am thinking of waiting. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated!


  • zendorf not all of my apps are Construct 2 apps, but I do have some that are Construct 2 + mopub + cocoonjs with ads (the more non-child directed apps).

    CocoonJS works ok with ads, but it doesn't seem to work as fast and smoothly (especially full-screen ads, these seem to have trouble loading sometimes) as it does as it does developing with native or other game engines like Corona SDK .

    Crosswalk has potential but the deal breakers for me are still it's performance (not as good as CocoonJS) and lack of support for IAP and ads (which like you say should come eventually).

  • russpuppy wow! i also took a look on your google play page and get Impressed!!

    by this very moment I'm so noob and don't want to bother, but, do you mind if in future I send you some PM for publishing app advices? For now I'm focushed in desktop, not thinking (by the moment) in making money (I have job, and this is more like a hobby-dream-illusion I want to complete!!), but is very impresive meeting people who does profesional app

    so glad to meet you!

    PS: now I will take a look on Corona SDK hehehe

  • Thanks for the reply russpuppy. I was concerned that having ads would restrict performance, especially when HTML5 can already be difficult to get cosistent performance out of.

    I am new the whole ad supported game genre. In your experience, what sort of ads have the least performance impact on the game, and which type is the most lucrative...if you don't mind me asking?

  • Arlys

    thanks, feel free to PM. Corona SDK isn't as simple as Construct 2 (you have to code) but it is good performance wise.


    I haven't tried a ton of ad networks--I've mostly just used Admob, some iAd. I think full screen ads bring the most revenue (if you can get them to work well, i've seen a bit of inconsistency with cocoonjs+mopub). I haven't really noticed if ads affect performance much, but doesn't' seem like it. Not sure if that answers your question

  • Thanks russpuppy for the info. With regards to performance drops from ads, I guess I was referring to banner ads that are displayed ingame. Not sure if they effect performance or not?

    I was considering going the appwrapper route from a Crosswalk build, but I think I will wait it out until Intel have their ad support up and running. Doesn't seem too far off.

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