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  • Hello, I take my capx file from the desktop to the laptop and work on both computers. This creates a problem, the laptop has a different resolution and the spaces configured for the desktop in the eventsheets are not good for the laptop.

    This makes you have to reconfigure all spaces each time. This configuration is contained in the capx file, it is not independent of it.

    Can this be solved in any way?

    I mean that the spacing settings of the eventsheets are always maintained.

    And even if you change your computer, the configuration of spaces is maintained on each computer.

    This means that you will never have to reconfigure the spaces.

  • Nobody knows anything about this?

    Currently the last configuration applied is the one that will be kept on all the computers where the capx opens, I want to avoid that, I want to keep a different configuration for each computer (desktop and laptop).


    Please, could you not help me with this?

  • Hey, is anyone there?

  • capx file is basically a zip. If you rename it to .zip and open, you will see that there are two files for each event sheet, for example EventSheet1.xml and EventSheet1.uistate.xml

    "uistate" file contains the information about column widths, scroll position etc.

    I believe you can save two sets of these uistate files - one from desktop and one from laptop - and replace them before opening the project.

    You can save the project as a folder (not as a single capx file) and maybe create some script that will replace the files automatically for you. Just make sure to do frequent backups, because messing with xml files may potentially corrupt the project.

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  • This part is the one that configures the spaces of a UNIQUE evensheet, I think I don't leave anything. I don't know what "nest" means, but it works and so the configuration of spaces is preserved.

         <conditions-column> 480 </conditions-column>

         <actions-namecolumn> 80 </actions-namecolumn>


             <nest> 323 </nest>

             <nest> 80 </nest>

             <nest> 80 </nest>

             <nest> 80 </nest>

             <nest> 68 </nest>

             <nest> 50 </nest>

             <nest> 32 </nest>

             <nest> 22 </nest>


    Thank you!.

    But ... it gets heavy if you have more than one eventsheet.

    You will need a script that does the job of exchanging the configuration automatically, just as you said.

  • Finally it is not feasible to manually configure the spaces if you have several eventsheets.

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