Just a question that's been bothering me ever sinc

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  • 1) The question I wanted to ask is, what's the difference between "PIN" and "System > set position" ?

    I've never used the PIN behaviour, I've been using System > set position all this time.

    2) Also another question, I thought in the official tutorial for beginners it said we can only create one global variable but yet I've made 3.

  • Pin is just a convenience behavior. The 'Scroll to' behavior simulates 'Every tick - scroll to object.x, object.y', and the Pin behavior simulates placing it at a relative position every tick. The Pin behavior can also still position relatively taking in to account the object scale and angle changing, which involves a bit of trigonometric math, so it's nice it takes care of that for you too.

    Recent builds have added more features to pin, like rope or bar style attachment.

    As for 2) can you quote where you thought it said this? It's certainly not true, so I don't know why I'd write that in the tutorial :)

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  • Ashley

    It's on page 6 of the monster ghost game tutorial

    "Instead, we can use a global variable. Like an instance variable, a global variable (or just "global") can store text or a number. However, there's only ever one value stored"

    "However, there's only ever one value stored"

  • Yes, it means there is one value per global variable, in opposition to an array that can hold multiple values in a single instance for example.

    But it isn't a restriction on the number of global variables that you can have in a project.

  • I edited the tutorial to clarify what I meant. You are definitely allowed multiple global variables though - only allowing one would be a ridiculous limitation! Is this clearer now?:

    ike an instance variable, a global variable (or just "global") can store text or a number. Each variable can store a single number or a single piece of text. Global variables are also available to the entire game across all layouts - convenient if we were to add other levels.

  • Kyatric lmao you just helped my brain to put the missing pieces of my knowledge of Array's by accident :P

  • Glad I helped <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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