Question about sprite size and performance

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  • Ok guys, sorry if this has been previously asked but I got a few questions:

    Presently I use a sprite of 96x144, This sprite is a resized X3 version of the original sprite. Now, I know I could do it smaller and resize afterwards, but thing is that I have different resizes for levels and characters (artistic choice).

    Now, if I export an animation sheet from asesprite with 4 frames. Its only 2kb, if I don't resize it 3 times its original size, its 1kb. Problem is if I use photoshop where even when using super png exporting plugin, I still have 16kb. So, Im curious about performance here.

    Will I have issues by resizing the sprite rather than resizing the layout at runtime?

    I'm trying to figure out whats the more optimal since my project will be fairly large.


  • The file size of your PNG's has no impact on performance other than loading times, because all images are stored uncompressed in VRAM, each image being (width * height * 32) bits in size. Pre-scaling your images will therefore increase VRAM usage, which would be a problem mostly on mobile. Actual rendering speed should be more or less the same between pre-scaled and runtime scaled.

  • linkman2004, thanks!!

  • it's the best if you aim to use exactly set sprites. for example: you need a monster - bigger - create it 512x512 and use it like that, don't create 1024x1024 and then

    resize in editor because it will cripple your stuff.

    also aim smaller sprites with lower res .)

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  • saiyadjin, I do it because its the d.a I chose for this project, and I was wondering if it would cause slow downs

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