Question regarding Construct 2 and upgrade to 3 pricing

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  • I saw this announcement on this site: "Customers who purchase Construct 2 on or after 1st February 2017 (the launch announcement date) will be eligible 100% discount on the first year subscription price for a license of the same type or lower (where Business is the highest and Personal is the lowest)."

    Is this still relevant as of today? In other words, if I purchase Construct 2 today(since it's after 1Feb17), will I be eligible for 100% discount on the first year of Construct 3?

    P.S.: The reason I want 2, even if I go to 3 eventually, is that I have a lot of progress on projects on the free version of 2 which require plugins that haven't been ported to 3. Additionally, I have had issues with the free version of 3 in every browser I tried, specifically browser crashing at random times. I feel more comfortable having a standalone editor that isn't reliant on my web browsers. Finally, there are many times where I'm deployed for 7-9 months at a time (military) and not able to work on my projects for extended periods of time, so I am not too happy paying for a year for which most of it I'm unable to use the product. I like being able to take whatever amount of time I need to work on my projects, even if it means a little bit every other year or so.


  • No this discount is not available anymore.

    If you encounter browser's crash, it is possibly extensions in your browser which are causing issues. Consider disabling/removing them and see if thing get more stable.

    If there are still issues despite removing the extensions, consider filling a bug report :

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  • Oh, that's a shame!

    Saw this myself and thought "That sounds great, i'll do that one day!".

    Should have tried C3 while I had the chance lol!

  • I agree, especially since they didn’t say in the announcement that there was an expiration to that option. They simply said as long as you buy it after that date then you get the discount. Since they pulled the discount without notice and without removing the announcement for the discount, I would have felt duped into buying it had I finished my purchase since I was purchasing it based on that advertisement.

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