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  • Hi evereybody

    I'm planning a new game, and since I just started the sprites design process I wonder this: what's better for performance ( I'm planning to make HTML5, but maybe...just maybe mobile)

    1. Full animation cycles (walking, idle, jumping.. and so on)

    2. Animation for just the moving parts (legs for example) and setting its position to the body "every tick" or with Physics Joints (haven't tried that yet)

    There will be 4 - 6 sprites, at the same time, with the same movements, the only difference would be the head

  • Number 1. Number 2 is not a nice place to be, will be impossible to get to look good, is a maintenance nightmare, will have worse performance, might conceivably save some memory but is not worth it.

    What you're trying to achieve would be better with a pin than with physics, but it's still not worth it. (Sorry just seen this was your plan)

    Just use animations - if you have to optimise (and you may not have to) then do so at the end when you know what has to be achieved by it.

  • Thanks for the reply!

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  • Physics is a very CPU intensive behavior, because it is running a simulation of a realistic physics world. If it's ever physics vs. no physics, no physics will always be faster.

  • I try to make physic game for mobile, and the FPS drop so crazy when i use 6-10 physic object.

  • Thanks again!!

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