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  • Hi,

    From the start i am setting my sprites like this for any sprite with only one frame. Does the fact that it have Loop to Yes can cause any performance issue (with tons of objects) ?

    Speed 0

    Loop Yes

    Repeat count 0

    Repeat to 0

    Ping-pong to No

    Just wondering...

  • If there is no animation, set loop to NO. And when you have animations, the faster the speed and the more frames, the more memory used.

  • Thanks for your reply.. but i would still like to know if it impact performance in any way.

  • I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure. It could or should be "listening" and checking to run frames that don't exist. That's going degrade performance if you do it enough. It's just common sense. There are so many things that can effect performance, that I'm not going to go into here, but why would you want to set it to Yes, when you don't have any frames to run.

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  • I assume it will have a tiny impact, there has to be code that changes which sprite is visible at that frame, but honestly, you have bigger problems if you are trying to get to that level of perf tuning.

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