Question on the new update just sent out

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  • In the new update there mentions that you can buy an adopters license and it would be all hunky-dory for, I'm assuming, $19 (its says ?19, but I'm assuming) early and $39 later or the commercial use one for, again assuming, $99 early or $149 later.

    Now one thing I want to know is if there is a possibility to buy the adopters license, and then after some time with it and getting some of your products out there before you start selling products. Then you decide to make a business so you want to get the commercial use license. Would there be a possibility of a discount from upgrading from the normal to the "developer" package or would it always stay at set prices all together?

  • Why did you not posted in the blog?


    Sure, we'll definitely come up with an upgrade path - it's just that we're still nailing down the technical details. We'll come up with something though.

  • Oh, oops, sorry. Still getting acquainted with how everything works around here.

  • We don't mind taking questions on the forum - in this case though it was covered in the comments.

    The currency in the blog post is pound sterling (GBP) since we're based in the UK. I think there's a technical issue with character encoding that means it doesn't look right for everyone. Let me try again... �19 (that should be a pound sign).

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  • Luckily � is still falling. �19 used to be about $60 NZD but now it's closer to $40NZD. :D

  • YES GO DOWN POUND GO DOWN! :P soon it's in level with � and everyone will be happy :)

  • YES GO DOWN POUND GO DOWN! :P soon it's in level with ? and everyone will be happy :)

    Agreed, I'll be happy when Euros are in level with pounds.

    So yeah.

    *joins the popular rumor*

    Go down pound ! Go down !

    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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