Question about MFi Gampads for iOS

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  • I was wondering if anyone knows if the PhoneGap plugin for C2 supports MFi gamepads for iOS games?

  • Maybe Ashley knows if the official PhoneGap plugin for C2 supports MFi gamepads?

  • Does anyone know if C2 supports MFi gamepads at all? Am I asking this in the wrong forum?

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  • I would still really like to add MFi controller support for my iOS game and would appreciate any help I can get on the topic.

  • I just played a great 2d pixel action game on iPhone called Goblin Sword and would love to play it with an MFi controller. It doesn't support it though, and is probably not made wh C2, but I like the idea and can see that many great MFi controllers are coming out this year.

    Mad catz ctrl i controller is one of them and to wet your appetite, this is what it looks like:

    Is this something Scirra could add, or is it something phonegap needs to have? I think it would help in making more mobile platformers and more genres with c2.

  • On the other hand, MFi doesn't seem very well spread (yet?) so i suggest you put some really good controls in it. Check out the game I mentioned above, it has probably the best platform controls i've tried. Also you can configure it by moving the buttons and has very big click areas.

    Let me know if you find out anything about MFi though i'd love to order one as soon as they are available

  • I got the above mentioned controller now, and it seems rather sturdy and nice. However with the iphone 6 attached on it, it's rather heavy, so I might instead play on an iPad with the controller free.

    Too bad Ashley didn't reply to this thread. Also, I have since switched over to coding in Unity, since I was not 100% satisifed with the HTML5 performance. Well, I still like C2 and still have a license, maybe will make other kinds of games on it in the future.

    Enjoy all, and if anyone has a game in C2 they want me to test with this controller, just PM me. See ya!

  • Gamepads are supported wherever the browser has Gamepad API support, which you can check for browser support here. Unfortunately since Safari doesn't support it yet, HTML5 games can't access the gamepad. Hopefully Apple will add support in future.

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