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  • Hey friends,

    I have a little question, about the different versions of construct and how to handle them properly.

    I�m a german (perhaps that�s important for law-questions??), who likes art in every way imaginable.

    Now I want to create an application like NikeID, where you can personalize a product, that will be produced and delivered to you.

    My question is, can I use the personal license for that?

    I already own it and the turnover isn�t created by the program/tool I�ll program itself but by the physical product I produce.

    BTW: I plan to cross this magic border of 5000 bugs pretty soon. If i need the business version, is it uprgradeable from the personal one?

    Thanks for your help:)

    The Beaver

  • As it says at the bottom of THIS page, any questions regarding licensing should be directed to licensehelpdvq@scirra.com.

  • It is upgradeable, you can use the personal license as long as you dont make to much money ;)

  • Hey, thanks for you help. :)

    I didn?t want the Scirra-dudes to waste their time with me....they should program and develop and program and develop :-D

    One more question...

    If I will upgrade, do I have to pay the difference, or is there another pricing??

  • I know there was a business license upgrade in the store some months ago but actually I can?t find it. It was cheaper than the normal business license...

    "We are more than happy to upgrade a Personal Edition License to a Business Edition License upon request for the difference in price between the two. For more information, please email us on supportdvq@scirra.com and attach your current Personal Edition License to the email."


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  • Awsome!! Thank you :) I guess my questions are solved now!

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