Question about large images & performance.

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  • Due to the inability to create my own level editor at this time, I've resorted to using Tiled and exporting the levels as large images. I then place collision tiles and such in C2's layout editor.

    My question is, what's the max image size I should be going for? I don't have any old computers or cheap laptops to test these out on, so I'm kind of in the dark here. I'm just worried they will cause some performance issues.

    My largest level image as of yet is 4096x224, but I plan to make some larger ones. What do you think is a reasonable limit?

  • Hi Tokinsom,

    I have two levels with background images each at 3066 x 767 pixels, plus

    a smaller Title and End background, all png files(thats all image types available at the moment).On my server it takes 45 seconds for a new load. Loading Construct 2's Space game it takes 35 seconds to load, new start.

    I don't know whether this is exceptable or not in gaming circles.

    If I could have used jpg files, I would have cut the background file sizes by two thirds, hoping for this file type soon.

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  • Having a lower end PC would make you the perfect test subject for your game. Just grab a png graphics and load it in at the proper resolution. Then set up a small physics test, checking the performance.

    Keep adding levels using the same physics test and note the performance.

    This test will rapidly tell you if your project is feasible

    Best of luck!

  • you can save filesize by saving as a 8bit png, it does give up some quality depending on the colorpalette

  • Old or weak graphics cards have a limit on the maximum size of the texture you can use. This is a bigger problem on mobiles which tend to have more limited GPUs.

    I would say 4096x4096 is the absolute largest you should even consider, and that's probably already beyond what some mobiles can manage. To be on the safe side I would advise cutting everything up in to 1024x1024 max tiles.

  • Ok I can do that. Thanks!

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