Question about my laggy game on iTouch

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  • Hello. I have a game that I've pretty much finished. Sadly I just recently got an iTouch to test it and it goes very very slow. I don't know how else I can stream line the game so it goes faster.

    Now my question is what's the standard amount of event sheets, objects and so forth that should be used in a mobile game so it doesn't lag immensely?


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  • At the moment, very little. Unfortunately HTML5 performance on mobiles right now is mediocre. It's getting better, and Scirra are actively finding ways to make performance better and better.

  • Alrighty understood. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind for when I make really complex games. haha Thanks.

  • Have you seen the manual entry on Performance Tips?

    Especially this bit of advice:

    hen targeting mobile devices, you should aim to design significantly simpler games to ensure a good experience. Test on mobiles from the very start of your project to avoid any surprises

    Your computer is 10-100x more powerful than your phone, so it's unwise to design a game on your computer and hope it will run the same on your phone!

  • Thanks for the link, Ashley.

    Sadly I didn't have the chance to test the game until later on in the project's progression. But it's not a total loss. It'll at least be a browser game. =)


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