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  • I noticed something a little weird about a few popular games like candy crush or farm heroes saga. Both games have Money which can used to buy boosters, life, etc but only when online. But without internet connection, I can't buy any of the items for sale even though I have money.

    So my question is why isn't it possible to make off-line purchases with the money which is already present?

    In my game, I plan on making gold coins to be the only item that can be bought from apple/google etc. Then the boosters and such can be bought with the gold coins. Will I run into any trouble if I make off-line purchasing possible?

  • It's most likely to stop hacking - all purchases are checked with a server, so you can't just hack the game and give yourself infinite money like you can in so many other apps.

    You won't necessarily run into trouble, it just means that if they cheated, once they go online again, any existing competition (leaderboards etc.) probably won't be happy.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    [quote:2sqylsnl]It's most likely to stop hacking

    I'm using global variables to keep track of the boosters and saving them using webstorage. Is there a better way to do this? Someway to encrypt the data?

  • Try saving them to a .ini file ds list or ds stack, or ds grid or a database...

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  • If I am not wrong, isn't ds_grid basically just a type of two-dimensional array? In what way is it better than using just webstorage? Can a ds grid be encrypted?

  • I believe it can be, yes...

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